New Hair Style

Factors to be considered before opting for a new Hair Style

When you are looking for a new hair style there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. You cannot just tear off a picture of your favourite star or celebrity and take it to your stylist to get a similar hairdo. Your hair texture and shape of your face will determine what is best for you. However, the bright side is regardless of whether your hair is curly, straight, coarse or fine and whether your face is oval, square or round, there is a hairstyle that will suit you perfectly and add to your glam quotient.

Before opting for a specific hairstyle that will suit your face, it is necessary to know the shape of your face and then go for a cut that is opposite to it.  For example if you have a squarish face the sharp angles should be balanced out with waves or soft layers of hair.

How do you figure out the exact shape of your face so that you can choose the best cut that fits? Pull or comb back your hair fully exposing your face and then stand in front of a mirror so that you can see your face, not at an angle but straight on. Take a marker that is easily washable like lipstick or a cold stick of butter. Trace around the edges of your face and see what shape the lines take on. You have to now choose your cut accordingly.

However, you can also get expert advice from experienced hair stylists. For example, if you a resident of the State of Victoria in Australia, look for a top of the line beauty clinic for your cut. How can you judge the standard of the establishment? One that has state of the art equipment for laser hair removal in Melbourne or advanced skin rejuvenation procedures will surely have talented hair stylists that you can depend on.

What type of hair cut should be matched with which shape of face? Here is a lowdown of the choices before you.

Round facial features

Such faces have a round chin and smooth curved lines with cheekbones, forehead and chin a bit wide. Avoid the classic short and blunt bobs and instead go for long layered bobs that fall below the chin. Have thick side bangs with curls and waves created by a curling iron.

Oval facial features

The basic features of an oval and round face are similar but oval faces are more elongated. The chin and forehead have about the same width. This structure is generally good for any hair style. For prominent bone structures choose an angular bob that supplements your skin. For gorgeous eyes especially after going through best eyebrow feathering in Melbourne or wherever you might be located, side-swept bangs will be perfect for you.

Square facial features

Square faces have wide cheekbones with a broad forehead and a wide angular jaw. Avoid blunt cut bangs that accentuate the wide jaw line rather than downplaying it. Opt for long layered cuts that start at the jaw line and angled bobs with asymmetrical layers that skim past the eyes. You can also try out curls just to experiment on your looks.

These are some of the factors that you should consider before trying out a new hair style.

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