Lasers- Positive & Negative effects on skin

Gone are the days when people with skin problems has to simply suffer in silence for their entire life. Today, laser technology and treatment has revolutionised these skin conditions. Problems like skin blemishes, acne, wrinkles or even hyperpigmentation are simple processes. From permanent hair removal through to a range of skin rejuvenation procedures, treatment has never been easier. However, like any medical or cosmetic method, there are two sides to this story. There are incredible benefits for customers of the beauty sector, however, there are also significant possible negative effects is not done correctly.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal procedures include focussing a laser on the area under treatment. The energy then penetrates deep under the surface of the skin to the hair follicles, burning them away. The hair follicle’s ability to grow hair is then significantly hampered. Causing either permanent hair reduction or even significantly inhibit regrowth swiftness compared to other hair removal processes. This is not an instant procedure, requiring several scheduled sessions before permanent hair removal can be achieved. The laser also works best on people with darker hair and fair skin.

The positive effect of laser treatments for skin rejuvenation:

Laser today is a common treatment to remove a range of unwanted skin issues such as scarring, tattoos, birthmarks, acne and thread veins. Before the development of laser processes, this would involve invasive surgical methods. However, with laser techniques, it is possible to focus only on the treatment area without damaging nearby skin or tissue.

With a high success rate surrounding the treatment of red pigmentation or removing the more common wine coloured birthmarks. The laser treatment process targets the oxyhaemoglobin in the blood vessels underneath to the skin’s surface. These targeted cells absorb the intense laser light energy, heating up before bursting or seals up. The unwanted cells are then naturally removed through the body’s natural filtration system. A high performing IPL laser machine imported and distributed by Universal IPL in the hands of qualified and well-trained aesthetic practitioner is an extremely safe and effective treatment for a range of aesthetic concerns.

However, there are some negative sides to laser treatments.

The first is a small degree of pain during the process. This is handled during the treatment through local anaesthesia or other methods to minimise any discomfort as much as possible. These include applying cooling pads to the affected area and running cool air over the treatment areas. Itching and redness are typically seen immediately after the process but this subsides after a few days. Any pain or discomfort also fades as soon as the treatment is finished. The most severe side effect is frequently caused by amateur practitioners, who can cause burns through incorrect treatment methods. Finally, hyperpigmentation is also a common side effect often seen in patients.

Despite the potential side effect, in the hands of and experienced practitioner, the benefits of laser treatments is significant. For many people around the world, the quality results outweigh the temporary side effects.

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